some common mistakes india visa

When we fill India visa application .sometimes even unwillingly .they make small mistakes. small mistakes you make while filling the India visa application .take note of these small mistakes.

Common mistakes in India Visa Application.

  1. Mistaken name: -Sometimes there is a small mistake in filling the application form name. but sometimes A middle name is left out. Therefore, please remember to indicate your  Full name on the visa application form.
  • Mistaken time:-There are a lot of kinds of time that need putting in India visa application form. The mistake with time will cause big troubles since it is cannot be corrected.
  •  Mistaken Gender:-  Male & Female. this is also a common mistake that might trouble the trip to India.
  •  Mistaken Visa Type:- In what respect was the consul mistaken when the visa was issued? … to have corrected this mistake by correcting the type of visa.
  • Mistaken visa number:- This detail is extremely important information and commonly made wrong by
  • Mistaken Nationality: mainly caused by the wrong click on the next nation instead of choosing the correct nationality.
  • Mistake sized photos supplied:-   The background of the photograph is the wrong color. The photo is too dark. The photo is not in the correct size.

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