india visa documents

Generally, the following documents are required for obtaining India Visa. However, the requirement may vary from country to country.

Please note that your India visa application should be submitted with the following documents:

  1. Identification, in unique, with a base legitimacy of a half year as on the date of accommodation of use for India visa. The identification ought to have at any rate two (2) clear pages. Duplicate of the identification ( Page no 2 and 3 ) ought to be connected. Every single old identification must be submitted with the application structure
  2. One later (at least 3 months old) 2×2 (350×350 pixels) shading photo delineating full face with white foundation.
  3. Proof of Residence: A duplicate of National ID Card and Utility Bill, for example, power, phone, gas or water bill (not over half year old).
  4. Proof of Profession: Certificate from the business. In the event of understudies, duplicate of Identity card from the instructive organization is to be joined, for resigned individual need retirement papers .
  5. Proof of Financial soundness: International travel card like SBI Travel card/refreshed bank explanation (most recent multi month)/endorsement* of remote cash comparable to US$150/ – per candidate ( Endorsement* ought not be more established than 1 (one) month at the hour of accommodation), International Visa with running year underwriting in the identification.

What Documents are required for India tourist Visa?

Generally, the following documents are required for obtaining an Indian tourist Visa.

  1. NID/Birth certificate,
  2. Latest Utility Bill copy
  3. Bank explanation/Dollar underwriting (Endorsement ought not be more established than 1 (one) month at the hour of accommodation)/Active worldwide MasterCard/Travel card.
  1. Profession proof
  2. Last passport copy and all old passports

Remarks : Normally gave for a time of remain in India upto 90 days with the end goal of the travel industry/meeting family members/journey and so on.

N:B: Parents/legitimate gatekeepers of a minor kid underneath 18 years old who are going ahead understudy Visa to India may apply under the classification Entry Visa while guardians of kid over 18 years age may apply for Tourist visa for movement to India.

Documents required : General documents

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